Top 5 Best Sunscreens Everybody Should Check Out!

Summertime may involve us spending a lot of time outdoors under the sun, which our skin will be grateful for (because of the vitamin D we could get from it). But we also must remember that being exposed to sun rays could also be harmful and they could damage our skin in the long run.

Here at Brandcosme [ブランドコスメ] we want to help you find the perfect sunscreen. Even though sun exposure could boost our immune system and improve our sleep and mental health, we should always wear sunscreen. Whether it is summer or winter, if we do not protect ourselves, we could seriously develop skin problems and other health consequences.

  1. Shiseido Clear Stick SPF 50+

If you are a very active person and would love to have fun on the beach wouldn’t having to care about reapplying your sunscreen repeatedly after surfing, then this one’s for you. Its formula works amazingly both over and under make-up, so buying it is a no-brainer for everybody. And the best about it is that even after hours of applying it to our skin, it stays moisturized!

  1. Sun Bum SPF 30

This cruelty-free vegan brand has the perfect formula which keeps our skin both protected from the sun and moisturized all day. It contains vitamin E which neutralizes free radicals, and it is hypoallergenic, oil, paraben and gluten-free. Everybody loves it because it is lightweight and not greasy at all. Plus, it smells amazing!

  1. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer SPF 30

Not only it prevents skin from getting damaged because of solar exposure but it also keeps us hydrated during the day. It is perfect for both our face, neck and face, and everybody could use it, even those that have sensitive skin. Its formula contains soothing and antioxidant properties which are great for us.

  1. Supergoop! Glow Stick SPF 50

Being under the sun for a long time is nice and it sure does wonders on our skin but using Supergoop’s sunscreen our skin will be both protected and it won’t leave that sticky feeling on our face. You can carry it everywhere on your handbag, apply it on effortlessly and you won’t have to worry about it leaving an oily residue on your face, as it is invisible. Plus, this one’s also cruelty-free!

  1. MD Solar Sciences Mineral Tinted Creme SPF 30

We all hate putting on sunscreen that feels sticky in our faces and in our clothes. But that’s something we don’t have to work about once we apply this formula. This tinted sunscreen does wonders on sensitive and dry skin as its ingredients tend to moisture your skin. Not only protects you from the sun, but it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily and greasy! Plus, their matte finish looks amazing.

Our skin should not only look good but feel good and taking care of it by applying sunscreen is inevitable. Sunburns by solar exposure tend to be rough on our skin, especially on our face, so it is better to prevent than cure!

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