How to Make Stickers Online Using Crello or Adobe Spark? Part One

Every day, stickers come out of our printers in floods. People print hundreds of them for books, notebooks, brochures, bottles, boxes, and more.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to two software for creating cheap & customise stickers online and modifying them according to your needs. We’ll present you an overview of the two programs and we try to guide you towards the one that best suits your needs.

Software for Creating Personalized Stickers

Those who are familiar with graphic design know it well: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are the best software for creating graphic projects. They allow optimal customization and a meticulous result down to the smallest details.

However, these are not easy to use, and their price isn’t affordable for everyone, they are real “designer tools”. We, therefore, advise the less expert among you to bet on the software that we introduce to you, which will allow you to achieve a good result and not to have to regret the day when you wanted to open the Illustrator menu bar. or Photoshop.

  1. Crello

The first program for creating stickers that we’d like to tell you about is Crello. We tried it and we must admit we had a lot of fun! After logging in – you can register in seconds and you get to a worksheet very similar to Canva’s.

On the left of the screen, there are endless tools that allow you to customize your project. In the design section, you can choose one of many layouts, which you can then modify at any point: you can load your images, choose from those present in the gallery, modify the colours, add texts, frames, icons, graphic signs, geometric figures, ready-made sticker templates and illustrations. You can also start from scratch and create your sticker using all the elements offered by this software.

The choices are so vast that we’re sure you’ll succeed in making the sticker you have in mind!

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